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It’s time to get tropical

Tropical Palm I by Wild Apple Portfolio

This summer tropical-inspired decor is simply the hottest thing in the home. This isn't the first time the world has been in love with palm fronds and art and prints with a tropical vibe. Made famous by the Beverly Hills hotel, the Martinique wallpaper is the most recognizable palm pattern in the world. This amazing wallpaper was created by designer Don Loper in 1942. You can buy it here. I was researching for this post and I came across this WOW photo from the TV Show the Golden Girls on People Magazine. Does that print look familiar? Wallpaper and a matching bedspread. I've...

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In the Studio with Michael Mullan

Artist and Illustrator Michael Mullan

Michael Mullan is an artist and illustrator living in Vermont. Michael came to Wild Apple from Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) after earning his Masters in Illustration. He worked on staff here at Wild Apple as a designer and artist and grew a wide following for his signature style featuring hand drawn typography and artful design. Michael works as a full time illustrator and artist now, and I visited him recently in his home on a hilltop in Vermont. This month his art is featured on limited editions on the cover of Country Living magazine. He was commissioned to create a custom...

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Sophisticated Man Cave


Behind every great sophisticated man cave is a stylish man with an eye for detail. These aren't rooms inspired by dogs playing poker or sports jerseys. These are stylish, elegant, even rugged spaces that create a personal space where you can lose yourself in a hobby, watch the game or hang with friends. Masculine in every way, these rooms don't feel out of place in a home, but rather an extension of personal style with a decidedly manly twist - in whatever form that takes. Sure, these rooms are designed to be a personal sanctuary, but they are just as easily welcoming to everyone...

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Black decor is here in a big way


Dramatic and glamorous, trend lovers are adoring black and we couldn't agree more. This season the runway has been a monochromatic shade of obsidian and home designers have quickly followed suit adding black decor to the must-have list for stylish interiors. Our favorite bloggers and trend sites have been chatting up this look. Even Style at Home is cheekily claiming "black is the new black." Adding black accents has been a tried and true designer secret to create posh interiors forever. This season, black is here in a major way. We're seeing black flooring, rugs, wallpaper, furniture and more. Creating a room with such...

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